In 1950s our company has entered the manufacturing industry with manufacturing of rototillers and continued with the wood stoves and the variety of accessories between 1960 and 1970. After 1970, we relocated to 125 meter square a new place in Demirciler Sanayi. (ironmasters industrial estate) And started to manufacture of round bucket stoves with different sizes like number 50, 60, 70 and 80. Since 1980 by developing the variety of products we launched the single-furnace bucket kitchen stove and double-furnace bucket kitchen stove. Our company laid the foundation of 2. Organized Industrial Site in 1987 and moved to its new 5000 m2 place in 1991. The same year it was institutionalized and named as Topuz Enamel and Stove Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. Again in the same year our enamel plant was opened to operation. From this year, our products have been continuously developed and diversified. In addition to this by the opening of the enamel plant, we started to produce all kind of enamel tubes and accessories. Based onits pastexperiencesby meeting the changing market demands appropriately our company could succeed to keep mentioned with its quality standards and today it is within the pride of being a wanted brand in the market. We intend to take quality and range of product even further each passing day.

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